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How To Lock A Door Without A Lock In 2020

How To Lock A Door Without A Lock In 2020

While the simplest means to lock a door is to set up a door lock, there are numerous ways to lock a door without a lock. However, why would certainly any individual intend to do that?

Well, such a function can verify fairly beneficial in case of emergencies. For instance, if your front door lock is broke during the night for one reason or another, your home safety can be seriously endangered up until you put an order for a door lock and also it’s finally provided to you.

If you are encountering an emergency, one of the adhering to approaches can be momentarily utilized to lock a door without a lock.

Use a Barrier

Barricades prove to be extremely efficient in standing up to forceful strikes and withstand an extreme amount of pressure. They can be put on doors with a lock as well as those without one.

Let’s review just how it benefits doors without a lock. Barriers can be utilized for both indoor and outdoor entrances and doors.

Prior to anything else, you need to take into consideration the method your door opens. What is essential to recognize is that barriers help doors that open inwards. You have to barricade against the direction your door opens up, that is, inwards.

If your door opens in an outward direction, defending will not make good sense as any person outside your door will certainly have the ability to get rid of the barrier easily. If you have an exterior opening door, go with alternate remedies. What makes barricades a safe choice is that they’re able to withstand extreme force.

When it comes to utilizing barriers, you have 2 options to choose from: pre-constructed or improvised barriers.

Pre-constructed barricades are commonly used as safety bars that you often see at the base of the doors. They are made typically from durable materials such as aluminum and have the ability to resist ramming, kicking, as well as various other tampering methods.


Improvised barriers, on the other hand, can be created by any person utilizing suitable things that can be stacked versus the door as you see in flicks. But presume what– it actually functions.

If you select this method, you will need to choose things that are proportional to the door they’re intended to fortify in terms of size and weight.

If you chose items that are as well tiny or light for the door, the barricade will certainly be easily violated. Heavy things such as desks, chairs, bed frames are optimal to function as barricades. Whatever you pick, make sure that the barrier extends past the dimension of the door’s entry. Attempt barricading the door inside out.

If you select to utilize a chair, see to it it’s durable enough. If the size of the chair enables, try placing the top end of the chair under the door take care of to ensure that it doesn’t move if somebody attempts to open it from the exterior. To ensure that the chair does not move an inch and remains firmly in its placement, affix 2 of the legs with something that holds them firmly together.

If you compare both blockading techniques, improvisated barricades call for no financial investment. On the other hand, you will certainly need to purchase a pre-constructed barrier.

However, mounting improvised barricades can be a huge challenge, whereas pre-constructed barriers are very easy to set up and also unlike their improvisated counterparts, they can be removed easily to permit fire escape.

Door Wedge

This can be perplexing as door wedges are usually used to maintain the doors open. Yet, in case of emergency situations, you can also utilize them to keep your door shut.

The suggestion is to develop a makeshift lockout. To make it work, first close the door completely and position the door wedge along the side of the door that opens, not the side with the door hinges. After that, touch the wedge in the area until it’s secure and also examine whether it’s maintaining the door closed or otherwise.

If you have a door wedge, this technique won’t need you to invest a cent. Also, door wedges or door jams do not occupy any area as contrasted to improvisated barriers.

Eliminate the Door Deal With on the Outer Side of the Door

You require a door manage to open up a door no matter whether it’s locked or not. A simple means to stop anybody from unlocking from the outside is to merely remove the take care of that gets on the outer side of the door.

There’s no way an intruder can open a door without managing to break open the door. Maintain it that way until you have a brand-new lock mounted onto the door.

Unlike a barricade or a door wedge, this approach can be used for doors that open both inward and outward. And also, this method is easy to use. All you require is a screwdriver to eliminate as well as install the external door manage when needed.

Nevertheless, this technique entails a possible risk: you’ll be shut out of your home if you forgot to install the outer door to take care of prior to leaving the residence. As a result, this technique can be used as a short-lived remedy before you obtain a long-term lock for your door.

In case you remain in a rush or there’s an emergency situation, it can be annoying to set up the door handle prior to leaving. Likewise, the approach isn’t effective to resist forceful attacks.

Portable Lock

An even more permanent service is to purchase a mobile lock.

As the name recommends, portable locks can be set up and gotten rid of conveniently to doors that sustain them. If you plan to relocate to a different location in the near future, portable locks can be a much cheaper solution as opposed to even more permanent locks.

Likewise, attempting different locking strategies such as fortifying can harm the door as well as the bordering wall surfaces, something your landlord won’t approve of. Mobile locks are a much better choice for these techniques.

Besides, mobile locks specifically come in handy during trips as well as scenic tours, making them an important solution for constant travelers who like to have actually added safety.

Portable locks generally come with instruction manuals that include installation guidelines. Follow them when attempting to install them. The only trouble with portable locks is that they aren’t suitable for all types of doors.

The Door Bull

Comparable to a barrier, The Door Bull is installed onto the flooring as well as the door framework. Much more properly, it’s an improved version of a barrier. While a barrier can relocate away from its placement with a bit of added pressure, this mobile lock will not move, keeping the door strongly shut.

If someone tries to put in extra force, the lock will certainly disperse the force equally between the door framework and the flooring, thus avoiding gain access to.

The lock’s unique style is copyrighted and can be conveniently installed using the instructions given on the manual. Once more, this lock benefits inward opening doors and also not those that open outward.


This is one of the most prominent mobile lock offered on the marketplace.

The suggestion is to lock the handle in position to ensure that nobody can open it even if they had a key. Since the device will make the handle stationary, this mobile lock can likewise be used for doors without a lock.

This one-piece lock takes only a few secs to set up. You don’t even need any tools for setup. View the guide existing on the item page and also comply with the instructions.

On top of that, Addalock is a budget-friendly alternative as contrasted to other mobile locks. It’s best for applications where you aren’t allowed to make any kind of long-term changes to your door. While you can use this lock for added protection or as a short-lived option, you can not rely only on it or utilize it as an irreversible service.

Travelers Safety And Security Lock

Travelers Security Lock is a more dependable option than Addalock when it pertains to securing your home. Even though it works similarly as Addalock, it is capable of resisting a more powerful force. Its small size makes it excellent for regular tourists.

You need not stress over the installment procedure. As long as you have an inward opening door with a void of 1/8 to 1/4 inch in between the door as well as the door structure, setting it up must be incredibly simple. Watch this tutorial from YouTube and also adhere to the directions.

In case of an emergency situation or if you remain in a hurry, you can remove it in a few secs.

Though it’s a bit much more costly than Addalock, it offers good value for money.

Adoric Lock

If you have a dual door and also you’re looking for a straightforward option for added safety, the Adoric Childproof lock ought to be a sensible purchase.

It can be utilized for a wide range of applications including numerous kinds of mushroom-shaped doorknobs in addition to annular and also D-shaped door takes care of such as those used in cabinets, kitchen area storage doors, and more.

It is marketed as a pack of 4 along with 8, making an excellent gift for people with babies or family pet owners that wish to maintain the babies and also animals away from cabinets. Plus, installment just takes a few secs, calling for no drills or devices whatsoever.

Final Judgment: Just How to Lock a Door Without a Lock?
Safeguarding your residence without a lock can appear challenging if you aren’t aware of some methods. The above-explained techniques can be utilized as momentary remedies to lock a door without a lock.

While barricades can show equally as efficient as irreversible secure keeping intruders at bay, they can be challenging to take care of in case of fire escape. Therefore, mobile locks are a better yet short-lived choice.

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