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Our Locksmith provides an expert mobile locksmith service, we take pride in offering our customers the best locksmith services in the state of California. We are the best at what we do! We are a family owned business. Customer service and reliability are most important to us.
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Our Testimonial will offer useful tips and advice about lockouts, key-lock replacements and on everything about our locksmith services.

Need a key? Need exceptional customers service? Need great prices? Wait...Did someone say GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE??? Does that even exist anymore? Don't believe me, just come by City One Locksmith in Burbank and experience it for yourself! Roberts service was truly a breath of fresh air. HE WAS HUMAN! Not only did he display professionalism through his exceptional service but truly genuine respect. Thank you Robert for treating others in an examplary manner.
Los Angeles, CA
Mike and Robert are very polite, friendly and enthusiastic. They asked what time I preferred, I said 10:15am -10:30am. Mike was here at 10:15am. He got the job done and asked if there was anything else I needed. I am ecstatic, because it's a great feeling when you find someone you already know you can depend on again. I will definitely call Mike at City One Locksmith to help me with security locks at my home and business. Thanks Mike!
Joey A.
Burbank, CA
Thank you Mike for helping me with my doors today. Really appreciate your patience, professionalism, and friendliness to my pup. Will definitely recommend this locksmith company to everyone in the building and anyone I come across that needs a locksmith. Thank you!
Aloha, Emily
Los Angeles, CA
The company responded very quickly to my request. They were a busy company but were able to accommodate time frame that worked best for me. Robert the locksmith fixed the lock efficiently and was kind enough to provide two keys for us. I will definitely use their services again and will recommend them to our friends and family!
Anjelica G.
Los Angeles, CA
Mike and his team were very quick and responsive when I first reached out. I just moved to a new house in Burbank and needed someone to replace all the locks. He and his team came by the same day and helped us with everything we needed! They even had extra padlocks for our gate and certain tools that we didn't know we needed on hand. We had some issues figuring out how to work one of the locks a week or so later and Mike personally came by again to show us how to properly lock it. I'd recommend Mike and his team to anyone looking for a stellar locksmith. Thank you Mike!!!!
Lilli I.
Los Angeles, CA
Mike at City One Locksmith is an absolute legend, would highly recommend his service to anyone in need. He's now helped us out a few times over.

My girlfriend and I needed to update all of the locks after moving into a new house. Mike got the job done quickly, and also helped us navigate what lock systems we should be updating our outdated lock system to. Whenever we need something handled last minute, Mike quickly responds and helps us get the job done. A true gem in the Burbank community and beyond.
Blake S.
Los Angeles, CA